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What is a Neuropsychological Assessment?

· Comprehensive assessment to evaluate learning style.
· Personality assessment to detect social/emotional issues.
· Neurocognitive testing including memory, attention and speed.

When does a Student require a Neuropsychological Assessment?

· Failing grades.
· Slowed speed with homework, assignments and test.
· History of learning difficulties.
· Significant anxiety and/or depression Attention difficulties.

What types of disorders can be diagnosed from the assessment?

· Learning Disabilities such as Nonverbal Learning Disorder.
· Language-based Learning Disorder.
· Auditory Processing Disorder.
· Attention disorders such as Attention Deficit Disorder.
· Psychiatric Disorders such as Depression, Anxiety and Bipolar Disorder.

What types of recommendations can we expect from the assessment?

· Academic recommendations such as extended time, academic support and tutoring.
· Treatment recommendations such as psychotherapy and psychopharmacological service. · Support Information for the student to self advocate and seek out support.

What type of follow up is expected with an assessment?

· Comprehensive, lengthy report with scores and explanations.
· Phone consultation with all professionals.
· Individual feedback sessions with the student and his ⁄ her parents