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New York University Postdoctoral Certificate in Psychotherapy and Psychoanalysis, graduated 2016.

Adelphi University Derner Institute of Advanced Psychological Studies,
September 1988 to May, 1992. Ph.D., Clinical Psychology.

Brooklyn College September 1984 to June 1986. M.S., School Psychology.
Summa Cum Laude, Kappa Delta Phi.

Touro College September, 1980 to June, 1984. B.A., Psychology.
Summa Cum Laude, Dean's List.


CLINICAL PSYCHOLOGIST, in private practice in New York City (7 ⁄ 93 – present)
Provide individual and group psychotherapy services for children and adults. Administer neuropsychological assessments for children and adolescents with learning disabilities. Consult with parents, teachers, and mental health professionals with recommendations for placement and services.

SCHOOL CONSULTANT, The Calhoun School in New York City (9 ⁄ 99 – 6 ⁄ 00)
Consult with the administration, teachers and parents regarding upper school students’ academic and emotional functioning with recommendations for clinical and academic intervention. Provide staff, parent and student development training programs in diverse areas including substance abuse prevention, stress management and learning issues.

ASSISTANT PSYCHOLOGIST, Columbia-Presbyterian Medical Center (7 ⁄ 93 – 3 ⁄ 97)
Staff Psychologist at the Children's Anxiety and Depression Clinic. Provided individual and group psychotherapy for children and adolescents with collateral parental counseling. Supervised psychology externs and interns in psychotherapy and neuropsychological assessments. Conducted research projects assessing neurodevelopmental sequelae in HIV–infected children and self-blame in sexually abused children.

POST-DOCTORAL PSYCHOLOGY FELLOW, Columbia-Presbyterian Medical Center
(9 ⁄ 92 – 7 ⁄ 93)
Provided out-patient psychotherapy for children and adolescents with collateral parent counseling services. Co–led a psychotherapy group for adolescent females with depression and conduct disorders. Administered neuropsychological and psychodiagnostic evaluations for school-aged children and adolescents and recommended placement and services. Conducted research projects with HIV-infected children as well as sexually abused children.

PSYCHOLOGY INTERN, Bronx Psychiatric Center (9 ⁄ 91 – 9 ⁄ 92) Primary psychotherapist for adult in-patients and out-patients. Administered psychodiagnostic and neuropsychological evaluations of in-patients and recommended placement and services. Co–led an in–patient therapy group and provided family therapy services.

PSYCHOLOGIST-IN-TRAINING, Department of Psychological Services, Derner Institute (9 ⁄ 89 – 6 ⁄ 91) Provided psychodynamic psychotherapy services and administered intakes of incoming outpatients. Psychological assessment of adult outpatients to evaluate cognitive and personality functioning.

SCHOOL PSYCHOLOGIST, Ocean Parkway Developmental Center, Brooklyn, New York (12 ⁄ 89 – 8 ⁄ 91) Supervised psychologists in play therapy and assessments of preschool children. Developed and led various outreach, staff development, and parent training programs.

SCHOOL PSYCHOLOGIST, Counterforce Agency, Brooklyn, New York (9 ⁄ 88 – 6 ⁄ 93) Administer psycho-educational evaluations to school-age children and consult with parents, teachers and clinicians.

SCHOOL PSYCHOLOGIST, Child Study Center, Brooklyn, New York (9 ⁄ 87 – 6 ⁄ 90) Provided therapy and evaluation for children from one month to five years old. Developed and led parent support groups, counseled parents and consulted with teachers.

SCHOOL PSYCHOLOGIST, Committee on the Handicapped, Districts 20 and 17 (1 ⁄ 86 – 9 ⁄ 87) Provided psychodiagnostic evaluation and counseling of school-aged children.


ADJUNCT PROFESSOR New York Psychoanalytic (9 ⁄ 03 – Present) Lecture on neuropsychological assessment for the interns, externs and post doctoral fellows at the Institute. Supervise the students on conducting neuropsychological assessments including report writing, feedback, diagnosis and treatment.

LECTURER Institute of Child and Adolescent Family Studies (9 ⁄ 06 – Present) Lecture on neuropsychological assessment for the post doctoral fellows at the institute. Provide information regarding assessment and treatment of children with Non Verbal Learning Disorder and Autistic Spectrum Disorder.

ASSESSMENT SUPERVISOR Adelphi University (9 ⁄ 94 – 6 ⁄ 98) Provide supervision of cognitive and personality assessments conducted by doctoral level clinical psychology students. Assist students with assessment, report writing, feedback and diagnosis of children referred for both psychiatric and academic difficulties.

LECTURER IN PSYCHIATRY Columbia University, College of Physicians & Surgeons
(7 ⁄ 93 – present)
Lecture on child and adolescent development for the psychiatric residents. Supervise clinical psychology interns on conducting psychological assessments including report writing, feedback and diagnoses, and individual and group psychotherapy.

ASSISTANT PROFESSOR OF PSYCHOLOGY AND EDUCATION COORDINATOR OF TEACHER TRAINING Touro College (9 ⁄ 93 – 6 ⁄ 94) Observed and evaluated student teachers in elementary school settings. Advised students in the psychology and education departments. Instructor in several courses in psychology and education including “Child Growth and Development” a comprehensive outline of child development from infancy through adolescence and “Foundations of Parenting” an overview of parenting stages and parenting skills.

ADJUNCT PROFESSOR New School for Social Research (2 ⁄ 94 – 6 ⁄ 94) Instructor in “Psychological Assessment” a clinical psychology doctoral level course on personality assessment. Provided didactic and supervisory instruction in test administration and report writing.

ADJUNCT PROFESSOR Touro College (1 ⁄ 90 – 8 ⁄ 93) Instructor in “Foundations of Parenting” and “Child Growth and Development”. Taught “Foundations of Education” an outline of the social, political, cultural and historical foundations of education and “Testing and Measurements” an overview of psychological and educational assessment methods and theories.

ADJUNCT PROFESSOR LaGuardia Community College (9 ⁄ 89 – 6 ⁄ 93) Taught “Developmental Psychology” an outline of child development from infancy through adolescence, "General Psychology," a review of the major theories and orientations in psychology and “Group Dynamics” a seminar on group behavior, integrated theoretical and clinical information about groups.


GRANTS: Viola Bernard Award (4 ⁄ 93) to investigate neurodevelopmental sequelae in
HIV-infected children. Viola Bernard Award, April‚ 1996‚ to investigate explanatory style in depressed adolescents

EDITORIAL ASSOCIATE, Clinician’s Review Digest (6 ⁄ 90 – 6 ⁄ 91) Assisted Dr. George Stricker‚ editor of CRD, a monthly APA journal. Critiqued current journal articles and wrote abstracts for publication.

DISSERTATION: Derner Institute (6 ⁄ 91) Title: The Effects of Parental Communication of War-time Experiences on Children of Holocaust Survivors.


Trauma in Children of Holocaust Survivors: Transgenerational Effects American Journal of Orthopsychiatry, Sorscher‚ N. & Cohen‚ L. (1997), 67(3), 493-500.

The use of the Telephone in Adolescent Treatment In Use of the Telephone in Psychotherapy and Psychoanalysis, Levy-Warren, M. & Sorscher‚ N. (1999)‚ (Joyce Aronson, ed.) Jason Aronson‚ Inc. Northvale‚ New Jersey.

Social Skills Group with Children with Non Verbal Learning Disorder Sorscher‚ N. (2006). SPINS, 1(1), 22-23.

Early Intervention and Assessment of Preschoolers Sorscher‚ N. (2008). SPINS, 4(1), 15-21.


Assessment and Treatment of Children with Autistic Spectrum Disorder
Sorscher‚ N. Institute of Children‚ Adolescent and Family Services‚ New York City‚ June, 2005.

Innovative Group Therapy Techniques with Inner City Adolescents
Sorscher, N., Kestenbaum, C. & Gold‚ D.‚ American Academy of Child Psychiatry‚ Anaheim‚ CA‚ October, 1999.

Mastery via internalization of self-blame: An Orphan of Paternal Violence
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Feminine Response to Trauma among Children of Holocaust Survivors
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Psychiatric and Cognitive Effects of HIV Infection in Children
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The Impact of the Holocaust and Gender on Jewish Identity
Sorscher‚ N.‚ American Psychological Association, Washington‚ D.C.‚ August‚ 1992.

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